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tv   [untitled]    July 23, 2011 9:30pm-10:00pm PDT

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not significant community opposition, so there is opportunity all along the way for public court decision, for board member participation. i think what this is saying is that once they reach this point, there would be additional requirements for them to work specifically with district supervisor's. supervisor mirkarimi: ok, thank you. i am concerned about the delay of when our ability to extend to the usher what i think would be a proper -- proper monitoring or intervening system by our offices, and i am appreciative, as i said earlier, in trying to get us to this particular place, but i am concerned, again, what i was hoping fourth was greater input in the initial rollout we
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do what i was hoping for. after the 495, 726. i would encourage if there is room, if this is pliable in some way, to return back to that question to have a degree of that initial role of bonne annee the case-by-case basis, which results in a lot of work for our offices. president chiu: supervisor wiener? supervisor wiener: thank you. i know that at&t has proposed -- president chiu: excuse me.
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mr. deputy sheriff? thank you. supervisor wiener: i know that there are two documents, the mou between dpw and at&t that has been described already, and then at&t has also done a separate mou with individual supervisors that perhaps has not been seen. as i understand it, it does involve the district supervisors and the specific sightings, starting with the very first box that would be sighted and would give great deference to supervisors' wanting to put it somewhere or do not have it in a particular street or neighborhood, so apparently, the city attorney has not seen that, and that is not a criticism, just that that
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apparently did not happen. that is my understanding of the process separate from the general mou that the city attorney was describing. >> john, through the chair. that is true. what i was citing to was a letter from at&t to the department of public works and not to board members. dpw did inform me that they, when they received an application from at&t, they will also provide notice to each board member in the district of those locations, as well, but there is a separate member but i hear that additional -- the board members of received, as well. president chiu: colleagues, any further discussion? supervisor mirkarimi?
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supervisor mirkarimi: if a continuance, and i know that supervisor we're has negotiated many of those, i do not think this is quite ready in that regard, but i was hoping it would have been prepared and right before us today based on this conversation, it is not quite there. president chiu: supervisor, is that a motion? is there anyone else on the roster? supervisor mirkarimi: motion to continue for one month or upon from recess, whenever that is. we're not going to be involved in -- we have, what? two minutes left? through the chair? president chiu: madam clerk, is
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there a date? clerk: september 6. president chiu: september 6. supervisor mirkarimi has made a motion to continue this until september 6. is there a second? supervisor campos? the motion continues on the floor. supervisor elsbernd: it is time to fish or cut bait. it is time to go. president chiu: any further discussion? on the motion to continue -- clerk: president chiu, supervisor cohen, supervisor elsbernd, supervisor farrell,
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supervisor kim, supervisor mar, supervisor mirkarimi, supervisor wiener, supervisor avalos, supervisor chu -- campos. there are five ayes, and six no es. president chiu: the motion fails. a roll call vote. clerk: president chiu, supervisor chu, supervisor elsbernd, supervisor farrell, supervisor kim, supervisor mar, supervisor mirkarimi, supervisor wiener, supervisor avalos,
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supervisor campos. there are 6 ayes and 5 noes. president chiu: the motion is approved. [gavel] well, that was exciting. [laughter] colleagues, why do we now move to item 45? clerk: item 45 was for did as a committee report, a resolution authorizing the mayor to cast ballots on behalf of the city, over which the board of supervisors has jurisdiction, is subject to an assessment in the proposed renewed and expanded business improvement district, currently known as the jazz benefit district, which shall be renamed. president chiu: roll call on this item.
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clerk: president chiu, supervisor chu, supervisor elsbernd, supervisor farrell, supervisor kim, supervisor cohen, supervisor mar, supervisor mirkarimi, supervisor wiener, supervisor avalos, supervisor campos. there are 11 ayes. president chiu: the idea is adopted. there are no 3:30 special items, so why do we not now go to roll call? clerk: supervisor mirkarimi? supervisor mirkarimi: none. clerk: supervisor campos? supervisor campos: i have a couple of items. before we began, so i do not have to do this during
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accommodations, there are a number of insurance in my office. i know all of us as members of this board have a tremendous group of individuals to volunteer at our offices and who really make it possible for us to do the work, so i just wanted knowledge might in turn is in the district 9 office. one who finished for work last week, kasey, miclee -- michelle, and others, and i especially want to single out kasey. today is the last day in the office, and she is a tremendous talent, and i know she will have a very bright future, and i want to thank her for all of for contributions to our office and, again, thinking to all of the interest for everything that they do. i also would like to introduce
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an item calling a matter from committee that is vital number -- which is legislation that closes a loophole in the security organs, and i just want to make two points about this request. one, this matter, this item has been in committee for quite some time. the matter has already been continue to provide to accommodate the schedule of a city commission so that the item could be heard by that commission. we have heard extensive testimony, and we are talking about a very important issue that is very time sensitive, and because of that, i think it is important to have the matter heard by the entirety of the board. i also think it is important to have the matter heard by the
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entirety of the board because we're talking about very serious legal issues, and i think that is important to have a full discussion of the entire board in closed session and one of the items that is accompanying this request is that we need in closed session with respect to this file. and the rest, i submit. thank you very much. clerk: thank you, supervisor campos. supervisor avalos? supervisor mirkarimi, would you like to be re-referred? supervisor mirkarimi: debut, madam clerk. there is a problem that has been
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proliferating that has been caught in the nays, brought to the attention of the police department, the municipal transportation authority and others. it was not that long ago that i and others have been enjoying ourselves in the embarcadero area, where people at my party had decided to part get one of the grosz's at the port authority property, and we have learned that there had been people that were dressed as a tendency of those parking garages, but they turn out to be imposters, where they were taking the money from unsuspected customers -- dressed as attendants. it gave the impression that those people were parking their cars legitimately and legally, only to the surprise that they would go into their cars and find a ticket of violation because they appeared to be
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parking near ely, not legitimate. this one particular individual who was the cost of the garage had been arrested for the same violation over one dozen times. they had all been deemed misdemeanors, but this seems to be a problem growing in its impact throughout san francisco, but especially in the port authority area. i am submitting a resolution that the stake holders of these parties work with this on what i think will be a negative impact on tourists, especially as we have the america's cup coming to san francisco and other large public events. we want to make sure that the goodwill of those parking in the garages and those who are using
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our facilities, both public and private facilities, are ones that they can trust and that they are not going to be ripped off. this resolution requires that those stakeholders of the city's criminal-justice family and the city and the mta do what they can to determine a greater way that they might be able to have the correct course of action. next, i am submitting a letter of inquiry to the police department, mta, others, and our state assembly delegation, asking them, in reflection of the tragic accident that occurred on update you boulevard last week, which i had attended right after the accident occurred, as discussed, and i was horrible -- horrified to see just how graphic that accident
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was with a shuttle bus that went through the intersection of octavia and oak, and it had collided with a big rig. a few issues. one, we notice that there are no seat belts on shuttle buses. you have to imagine the full weight of a person being ejected from the shuttle bus then to be injured and killed by the of the vehicle. we may need a re-examination of the law that gives this. i think that seat safety devices
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should be required in the shuttle and in the public. it is something that if required for children on the shuttle buses, then there may be consideration that we do that four adults, too. just by the full magnitude of this accident in this area. octavia boulevard, as wonderful as it is, does, i think, have some unintended consequences. this would require an assessment, especially as traffic intersects with the arteries. there is the traffic that we directs itself on to the smaller streets and alleyways that tries to navigate around the arteries because of how congested those arteries are, as people are looking to come off of octavia boulevard or go on as they are
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approaching the highway. it is important that there is some consideration for the residents and businesses in the area better starting to feel the full impact of traffic being redirected so that we have better traffic calming measures. second is the speed, the speed in which people are traveling is taking great notice, because in coming off of octavia and making pretty sharp turns, or from oh, turning left or right from octavia, -- or from oak, i think that speaks to a hazard that is not well check. there is a wonderful part the we inaugurated about four of 45 years ago -- four or five years ago. if somebody was driving fast and did not negotiate that left-hand
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turn on to feld, it will go right into the playground, potentially. there is no fence. there is no buffer all along the perimeter of this children's playground, and what is worse is that there is a fair amount of brush and trees that eclipse were the playground and and where the story begins, so if a child or someone were to throw a ball out, they would not see each other. i think it is a hazard waiting to happen, and i believe it needs to have the review of both the mta, recreation and park, and our elected officials for this particular area. i have already talked to mr. ammiano. this is something the sacramento wants to take a look
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like. why it is necessary or why not necessary, but at least at the very minimum, what we can do to make sure that these kinds of accidents do not happen again, even if they want to say that somebody ran a red light, and that is the cause of an accident, this is an area of our city that we inaugurated after dismantling the central freeway, which many of us were part of that fight, which i think is the right fight to go. but we also have to be prepared for these consequences that we may not have anticipated. next, i am submitting an ordinance that follows up on the resolution i submitted last week, which is taking the city's in print on prisoner realignment from state to another level. it certifies that the adult probation department would be the county agency responsible for report writing -- for providing this as part of the realignment process, which
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commences this october and will happen in increments of stages. it is important that we begin to follow through on the process as to how we are going to receive and process in then redirect these inmates into areas where after risk assessment, going into incarceration or to diversion programs that might be more effective in helping to rehabilitate these low-level offenders, low-level felon offenders. this thursday, the public safety committee at 10:30, we are having our first hearing on the realignment as it implicates -- as a applies to us. the budget had not been signed by the governor in the previous hearings. now that the budget has been signed by the governor, now we have greater clarity of how much
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money will be coming to san francisco. this and now requires us to figure wrote how do we receive this infusion of inmates without the proper, commensurate dollars, so that discussion must take place, and next to what to say congrats to the recreation and parks department. the women's world cup soccer. it was extremely excited. i could not have been more proud of team usa, and it was extremely exhilarating watching the match between japan and u.s.a. i was beaten to the council general of japan last week and said that i think it would be important that depending on which team, i would like to go ahead and extend a further invitation to the japanese seem to come visit san francisco. i think it would be a great event, and the usa team, as well korean people should be reminded
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that we have the oldest of japan down in the united states. it is the oldest japan town in the united states. there are only three remaining in the united states. san francisco was the first to be a host city with a sister city relationship, and i think it would be perfect to celebrate the labradoodle -- that amount of collaboration, that bilateral relationship we have had with japan, especially with what they have had to deal with after the earthquake and tsunami. i think it would be a nice way to fortify relationships. the rest, i will submit. clerk: thank you, supervisor mirkarimi. president chiu? president chiu: colleagues, our committees -- our communities have had many artists that have left san francisco. we currently require large developments it to pay an
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instruction fee to help purchase on-site art work. many developers to fill this requirement by purchasing large art for their lobbies, which means that the general public rarely has a chance to enjoy this art. the proposed legislation, and i want to thank the mayor's office in his department's for helping to work on this, would help to provide more flexibility in how this 1% public arts the is actually used. if a project sponsor or developer did not want to use the entire 100% of the funds for on site public art, they would have the option of contributing some or all of the amount to a public trust fund for art. money for the trust fund would be used for the creation, the installation, and the exhibition of temporary and permanent public art as well as capital improvements to nonprofit art facilities within the district, and this legislation would also expand and expand the boundaries of the improvement district to
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include neighborhoods that are within half a mile outside of the existing c-3 boundary where the public art could occur. also, a resolution that would address the report that came out related to the access ordinance. in my first year in office, i helped to sponsor, and many of you help to co-sponsor, to ensure that many of our departments are addressing the needs of all residents in san francisco regardless of language, whether or not english is ones first language. the report that was required from this ordinance has found a number of somewhat disturbing trends, which showed the close to 60% of all departments do not offer training for bilingual staff. over 60% of tier-1 departments that are supposed to respond to emergency calls do not get any protocol on how they would serve english deficient clients. whereas there are 44% of client
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interactions with limited english individuals in san francisco, that happen in cantonese, only 27% of the bilingual it contacts deaths actually speak cantonese. there are many lane -- many issues like this. i would like to adopt these findings as well as to hold a meeting to find out what we can do to move our city forward to being more language accessible. the rest of my items i will submit. clerk: thank you, mr. president. seeing there are no more names, that includes roll call. president chiu: why do we not go to public comment? clerk: this excludes items which have already been considered by a board committee. speakers using translation assistance will be allowed twice the amount of time. if a member of the public would like a document to be displayed
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on the overhead projector, please states such and return it to live coverage of the meeting. president chiu: why do we not hear from our first speaker? >> [speaking foreign language] san francisco, david chiu. [speaking foreign language]
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ladies and gentlemen, let me ask you provides their k -- let me ask you to have supervisor kim give you a copy of the letter that i said. i want to thank the president -- and his son jack to come to be with us last sunday to support the american team.
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yes. we lost. japan to win. supervisor kim, the japanese -- in your office -- she also -- support me and to be with us. ladies and gentlemen, you can see here. you can see that i put an american flag on my face. this was to bring the japanese team, they were telling us that it was a good idea, and it is a good idea, yes, to bring the
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japanese team and any team like you see here. they make money, and they make it, something else for our country. my idea can help. lots more business. wake up again. supervisor kim, campos, mar -- [beep] i need your help, and i need your support. >> good afternoon, supervisors. stop the rape of the public library, do not give money to